30DM Living Super Soil

30DM Living Super Soil

We hand-craft our living soil in dedicated bays, to provide early plant growth, with enough life and nutrients in the soil-food-web to feed your plants for 6-9 months. It is also gentle enough for indoor use and for germinating seedlings.

We embrace the full abundance of our Hogsback forest environment1 when collecting and blending our bespoke minerals and microbes, to ensure sustained release of all macro- and micro- nutrients and trace elements that a plant requires.

All our living soils include our proprietary inoculated biochar and wood vinegar, ensuring that they are teeming with life2 and natural immunity when they reach you. Our custom-formulated blends also help to naturally suppress soil pathogens while providing perfect soil structure for plant roots to thrive.3

- Thrive Compost (NPK 6:3:2)
- Mycelium and bacterial rich Hogsback soil for a healthy soil food web
- Coco coir, perlite and vermiculite for increased water retention, aeration, and structure

- Thrive Wood Vinegar for strong root growth and natural plant immunity
- Fish, bone, and feather meals for added phosphorous and micro-nutrient activity
- Thrive Inoculated Biochar for water retention, long term plant feeding and host for beneficial soil microbes
- Inoculants include locally sourced Indigenous & Efficient Microbes (IM & EM)

1. Hogsback is blessed with mycelium rich soils and indigenous microbes, ensuring a healthy soil-food-web. See how we make our soils here
2. Note that we sell living (not dead) soils, and thus do not sterilise them. We provide airholes in each bag for soil life to breathe before it reaches you. However, we cannot guarantee that earthworms will reach you alive. If you find dead earthworms in your bag, it's simply more organic biomass.
3. We never take short-cuts by using cheap and nasty carbon substitutes such as pine or eucalyptus in our composts. Pine contains oil that coats microbes and bacteria, rendering them ineffective, whilst eucalyptus is allelopathic for other plants. We also don't throw superficial ingredients in such as rock dust, unless of course we also added IM collected during the winter months, as that is what is required to decompose and make those minerals available to the plant. All our ingredients are sourced regeneratively from the Amathole mist-belt region, ensuring 100% organic hand-crafted, sustainable production.