We create healthy soils, to feed healthy plants, for your healthy family.

Use our site to arrange a quote for our products, as well as browse what courses we offer, and view our medicinal plant database and library.

Dianne and I live to create the richest living compost and soils in South Africa, as well as a range of organic products for the health of your plants. For your health we create delicious organic food and drink, catering for all persuasions.

We follow an integrated organic, biodynamic and regenerative path, but we also believe in old-school simplicity and value. Our soil blends and other premium products do not cost the earth and we aim to always offer you lower prices where possible.

We want to understand your hopes and dreams of living the "Good Life" and to help you get there as fast and cost-effectively as possible. Please get in touch or visit us at any time to see how we can help.

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