Humanity stands on the verge of becoming god. Our ability to create and destroy knows no limits. We have mastered our surroundings, genetically modified our food and built gleaming cities with their global trade networks. But are we any happier and fulfilled? Of course not. Yet like lemmings we keep chasing the next big idea from the next messiah, hoping for our salvation.


We accumulate material comforts in the hope of a happy life, not realising that it is the shedding of the desire for such comforts that will ultimately give us peace. The ability to provide and appreciate what you have is what makes for happiness. But here’s the dilemma. We are so stuck in the rat race that we can’t see a way to get off the tread mill.


However, it can be done. If we go back to the issue of material comforts, then improving your quality of life can only be done by increasing your earnings, and reducing your costs. Most go about it the wrong way, trying to increase their earnings but the key is really about reducing your cost of living.


Only in this way can you start on the path out of the insanity of the modern consumption-driven world. That’s why “it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God….” But persevere and you will slowly start to become more self-sufficient and the lasting pleasure and sense of freedom you will derive from this will sustain you. Then, as you start to experience the Good Life, perhaps you will even discover your real purpose.


Make no mistake, the Good Life can be a tough, physical life but there are no better rewards… for your health, your bank balance, your happiness and that of your friends and family. The only question is, are you going to start living the Good Life now, or keep running on that treadmill and hoping for more cash to spend on more things first?


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Shinrin Yoku, or the Japanese practice of “forest bathing“, leads to reduced stress and blood pressure, as well as improved mood and energy levels. It’s also been known to boost the immune system over time. 


At Thrive Centre our ethos is rooted in genuine, old-world values. We offer comfortable accommodation and a harmonious retreat in Hogsback’s ancient forests, mountains and waterfalls. Here your soul will find the space to discover your purpose in life whilst you can learn practical, nature-based techniques to start living the Good Life and become self-sufficient.


Hogsback itself is a well-known tourist mecca. Whether it’s fly fishing, horse riding, mountain biking, abseiling or idly strolling in lush gardens or forests, mountains and waterfalls. It is also a gourmet’s paradise with local chefs taking huge pride in their creations, as food is one of life’s true pleasures. At Thrive we too create some of the most sensational and wholesome food products, continually experimenting with the abundance that nature offers.